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Welcome to The SPECIAL OFFERS Page for Hypnotherapy. Here you will find the links to this months special offers - weight loss and stop smoking

Stop Smoking March 2017

During the month of March 2017 I am offering two hypnotherapy sessions , one assessment session and one therapy session for £60 (saving £30) when booked during the month of March for the purpose of quitting cigarettes (both sessions to be used by the end of April 2017 and both to be paid for at the at the time of booking- which is non-refundable). 

So how can hypnotherapy help?

Have you quit before only to start again?

Have you ever wondered why you have found it difficult to stop in the past?

Well, hypnotherapy can help you to deal with the reasons why you smoke and help to reinforce new behaviours and ideas so that when a situation comes up where you would normally reach for the fags you can implement new strategies and behaviours instead.

If you want to find out more have a look at this leaflet and then book your first appointment.

My blog also contains some useful information about what smoking can do to your body. 

March 2017

Weight Management/Weight Loss

With Spring  just around the corner you may be thinking about ditching the woolly jumpers or you may have a summer holiday booked or a special event. Or simply you may want to start eating healthily for for other reasons, such as a health scare or to feel better. Whatever your reason eating healthily can, for some people conjure up images of tiny portions, lots of salad and going without favourite foods. If you have struggled to shed the pounds in the past, need help with motivation or want to change your way of thinking as well as your relationship with food then why not give hypnotherapy a try.

Hypnotherapy DOES NOT replace will power but works alongside your own will power and strengthens it by replacing unhelpful thinking and behavioural patterns with news ones, ones that you have selected as being the most helpful to you.

Have a look at this leaflet for more information on how hypnotherapy can help you. 

In addition to offering hypnotherapy I am also a qualified personal trainer and can combine bother hypnotherapy and personal training to help you reach your weight goals. For more information about personal training see my other website, Stockport Personal Training 

So what do I know about weight loss you may be wondering. Well prior to becoming a counsellor and hypnotherapist I lost 3 stone in weight and became a successful weight loss leader for an international weight loss company. As a result I have experience of not only managing my weight and relationship with food but also that of others. I understand that it isn't easy to shed weight and that although it sounds simple (eat less, exercise more =weight loss) it isn't and that to be successful and to keep the weight off you need to understand your relationship with food.

Take a look at my own relationship with food by clicking here call "The Perpetual Dieter".

If you are ready to take control back of what and when you eat, instead of letting it control you have a look at this months special offer and an example of a tailor made package and make an appointment to come and see me, either by phone, text, email or fill in the online enquiry form.