lisa williams

About Counselling

Counselling is therapy-by-talking. Counselling can help you to work through your problems and issues in a safe and confidential setting either in the comfort of your own home via a web-cam (on-line) or at my therapy room in Stockport, South Manchester.

Counselling can help you to explore your feelings about past or current events and trauma’s. It can also help you to understand your thoughts, feelings and behaviour. Counselling can help with a number of issues.

Through providing a regular, safe and confidential space, either on-line or face to face, you are encouraged to talk about your troubles free from interruptions and other distractions, so that you can learn to cope with specific problems, improve your relationships, find better ways of ‘being’ and deal with crises.

During the sessions I won't give you advice; instead I will try and help you to look at your problem from a different angle so that you can change your behaviour and feelings if this is necessary and if you feel it is appropriate. 

To get the best out of counselling, sessions usually take place once a week over a number of weeks. This is because making a regular commitment will give you a better chance of understanding and dealing with the things that are causing you distress.

If you have ever wondered what counselling is like take a look at this article. But remember that everyone's journey and their experience of counselling is different and unique.