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Reactions of self and Others

Lisa Williams - Saturday, June 07, 2014

Quite often when I am counselling or listening to other people's conversations I often hear people say things like "they made me feel ..." or  "They made me react in that way" or "it wasn't my fault".

These types of statements and beliefs give power away to the other person. Instead try taking ownership of your feelings and reactions as these are the only things that YOU can change. After all you can't change the behaviour of other people,  how they react to you or how they are in general. The only things that YOU have control over are YOUR feelings, YOUR behaviour and YOUR reactions.  

Take ownership of how you feel, think, behave and react  and stop blaming others. It;s healthier. It gives you the control and power back.

Once you own your feelings you can then start to change them and move to a better place.

It's not easy but first....

Can you recall a time recently when you said blamed someone for how you felt or how you behaved?


Re-run the event in your mine and concentrate on your feelings or behaviour. Then rather then the usual statement of "they made me feel ...." replace the statement with "I FELT .....BECAUSE....."

For example:

Rather than "my boss made me so angry" this would become " I was angry because my boss questioned why I had missed a deadline".

This acknowledges that you have decided how you are feeling and from there you can look at why you have decided to feel this way.

Therefore in this example you might go on to say that " 

I was angry because my boss questioned why I had missed a deadline, he/she doesn't realise that I missed that particular deadline because he/she had asked me to complete another piece of work instead" 

This way of being then opens up the conversation with the other person and is less confrontational if you decided to discuss YOUR feelings and YOUR reactions with the other person. 

Another example is Rebecca Adlington who experience trolls on twitter - In this article Rebecca acknowledges how she reacted and realised that she couldn't change them but she could block them. However so that she stopped taking the comments personally she changed the way she viewed them. Here is her article

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