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    The means to the life you want has always been inside you...

  • brighton beach
  • Together we can explore your feelings and develop new ways of being and new ways of thinking...

  • Live the life you want and be the person you want to be…

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online counselling

   Online counselling sessions conducted via our secure web cam service.

   No software or downloads required simply book & click to start your session

   Affordable, convenient & easy - counselling in the comfort of your own home

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Counselling can help you to work through your problems and issues in a safe and confidential setting at the Stockport counselling location. Everyone reaches a difficult point in their life for various reasons. These reasons are personal and unique to the person who is bothered by them and you can find them to be significant and distressing to you. As a result this can lead to negative thought patterns occurring and/or unhelpful feelings and actions which in turn can have a negative effect on you and those around you. Counselling can help you to enact meaningful change.

Hypnosis is not sleep, but a trance like state where people are fully aware of their surroundings. A trance state is achieved by relaxing the mind and the body using guided imagery. When this is achieved the boundary between the conscious and the unconscious minds begins to blur and then the unconscious becomes open to receiving new messages. This is when the new messages are delivered (the therapy). Hypnotherapy can assist you to change patterns of behaviour and empower you to enact positive change in your life.

Online counselling is offered in a secure client area on this website. Sessions are conducted via webcam. You are able to access web cam at the allocated session time by making a booking and logging in to commence your session in your secure client area. I will help you to discuss and explore your feelings and thoughts in a safe way and without judging you. I can also help you to develop your own coping strategies for the future. You will be supported and heard, without judgement and where appropriate, safely challenged in your thought processes.

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